How we work

What to expect from us

We believe in creating a fun and loving centre to support modern dog-loving families. We are a small dog daycare centre based on having fun and positive socialisation, we do not have the dogs in large separated cages, they mix and we actively encourage play. They are introduced to new experiences every day. They get to play with their friends. This is why we are very very strict on the type and size of dogs in our care, we will also stand down dogs that do not socialise or play well. Our daycare is not just a holding place for dogs, it is really for fun, learning, and being a dog.

At Four Small Paws, we care about every dog in our pack, keeping them safe and secure, so it is important that all new dogs pass a tolerance test to assure that aggression or excessive shyness, or fear won’t be a problem.

Dog’s First Day

Our Day Care Team Manager will interview the client and dog to find out if the dog is food or toy aggressive, protective of territory, or fearful of humans, followed by evaluation of the dog in various circumstances.

At Four Small Paws, we will undertake the following:

  • Administer the tolerance test used by Therapy Dogs International. This test involves tugging on the dog’s ears, pulling on its collar, judging its reaction to noise, and checking for food aggression (If they do not let us touch them, they don’t get any further).
  • Introduce new dog’s one-on-one with other dogs to see how they interact.
  • Put a new dog into a small group of four or five compatible dogs.
  • Watch their behaviour during the first visit and then report back to the Owner on our findings.

The first visit for new dogs is limited at 3 hours. “We want dogs to have a good experience,” The first time your pet comes to daycare is a very overwhelming experience, there are many new smells, dogs and people. The pure stimulation from 3 hours is enough. Some dogs just jump directly in and think it is awesome, others want more time to just settle and watch.

Four Small Paws requires that dogs have annual vaccinations for distemper, hepatitis, parvo virus and Kennel Cough and are taking preventives for fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

Rules, Regulations and Size Classification

In order to attend Four Small Paws:

  • All dogs over 7 months must be neutered/spayed or have a veterinary plan for doing so (size can be a factor)
  • Female dogs must not attend if in heat
  • Vaccinations must be up to date, when you receive the reminder, please then bring in the proof that this has been done.
  • Worming and Flea treatments must be up to date
  • Size: Height must be less than 42 cms. From ground to shoulder.  Weight: This will be taken into consideration as we have some very little dogs that must be safe, although some dogs may be short, they may be too heavy a build to play safely with the little ones.
  • Breed: This will be at our discretion, we will normally test them out with our more settled dogs first to see how they go.

All In A Day

What will a typical day at Four Small Paws will look like:

  • Arrive and get signed in
  • Play, make friends for a couple of hours, some set activities
  • Rest time – This may be a sleep or even just a wander around but no set games during this time
  • Game time: Ball throw or digging games, thinking games with the staff
  • After 3 is slow down time. Make sure paws are clean, have a brush and a cuddle
  • Pick up time – Home for a sleep!