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Tish Burton

Centre Manager

Tish has worked in dog day care in Upper Hutt for over 5 years. She’s a natural with dogs. My 2 dogs are so keen to go with her, in fact our schnauzer is very vocal about her excitement in seeing Tish.

Tish is very aware of the safety and hygiene needed in a day care. She also has a background in Child Care Centres, so she brings a wealth of experience to the role. Tish also holds a current Pet First Aid Certificate.

Tish is the person you’ll see on a daily basis, she has a very welcoming manner and will greet both you and your dog. She is committed to constantly changing and updating the day to day experience of the dogs in her care. Tish makes the centre what is it today, all the dogs just love her, she comes up with new things every day and you never know what you are going to find when you go to the centre.


Richard Corbett


Richard has a real passion for animals and really wanted to make a career out of it, he has been working in call centres, while this a was a good career, it was miles away from where he wanted to be.

Richard has a short stint in a Dog Day care centre with bigger dogs and this really put fire into his passion.  He loves to watch the dogs interact with each other, he enjoys training and coming up with fun things to do.

Richard is Upper Hutt borne and bred, he has a wife and a son, plus shares his life with two small fur babies of his own

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Chrissie Burton


Chrissie is currently off on Maternity leave with son Odin. She will be back with us in September.

Chrissie has a real passion for dogs having brought up with them, she is re joining the workforce after spending the last 10 years bringing up her son by herself.

She is a very bouncy and energetic person will a zest for life. She brings energy to her role, you can often see her running a game with the dogs and encouraging them to join in.

Chrissie joins us in a part time role and is in every day from 3pm to 6pm. But you often see her volunteering at all different times during the day!

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Mandy Welch


One of the Directors, it is Mandy’s dream that started this business, she has been very interested in starting a day care centre for over 10 years now and finally the opportunity has arisen.
Mandy has a qualification in Dog Phycology and Behaviour and is currently finishing a qualification in Dog Health.
Mandy has been involved in running businesses for over 30 years and has qualifications in Management, Leadership and Business. She is a part owner in a Software business called Palace.
In order to fund the business to get it going, Mandy will be still working in both businesses. Most days will see her doing the early morning pick ups and dropping the off at Four Small Paws.

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Jeremy Welch


Jeremy is Mandy’s husband and right hand man, it is her baby but he backs her and puts in the hard work every single day. Jeremy is an Aircraft Engineer and works full time at Wellington Airport but he is the Designer and Maintenance Man of the Four Small Paws facility, so you will see him around building new things. He is also the technical adviser for our Software so anything goes wrong we ask him.
Knowing Jeremy, you will also see him playing with the dogs and driving the Four Small Wheels bus.


Susan Caldwell


Susan is one of our day care mums who came to us through her love of all types of animals but of course her 3 small dogs. Susan is covering Chrissie whilst on maternity leave. She has settled in well and can be seen in the afternoons from 3pm to close and is often doing the drop offs.