Daycare Services

Half Day

  • Multi dog discount of 10% applies if attending 3 days or more
  • * Special Gold Card Rates $18.40

Full Day

  • Multi dog discount of 20% applies if attending 3 days or more
  • * Special Gold Card Rates $29.00

5 Trip Concession Card

  • This is a 5 full day card but can be used for 10 half days (A half day is up to 5 hours)

10 Trip Concession Card

  • This is a 10 full day card but can be used for 20 half days (A half day is up to 5 hours)

Pick up and drop off

$500Each way
  • $5.00 each way or buy a concession card to make the trips cheaper. 10 trip for $35.00 or purchase a 20 trip for $60.00
  • We only pick up in the Upper Hutt area, we also pick up and drop off to Vets and Groomers if the dog is booked into Day Care

Other Services

In conjunction with other suppliers we also offer

Flea Treatment and Worming: If you purchase your product from Paws and Claws in Upper Hutt, they will stamp a card for you to bring to us to prove it has been done. We will mark it on our software so that we can send you out a reminder when due. Alternatively you can purchase the produce and bring to us and we will do it for you.

Grooming – Bark City Groomers – We will drop off and pick up while a dog is with us at day care, so your weekends are free

Boarding Facilities* – We now offer boarding at our home. this service is only available to Four Small Paws clients. We are in 20 acres of bush with 2 acres of flat land to run around in. We can take up to 4 small dogs at a time, with our two. Please supply bedding, food we will supply play, space to run free and love.

* Bookings are essential now as it has become very busy

Training – More details to come on this. We will be offering training for your dog during the day but also classes for you and your dog in the evenings.

Workshops for Owners – Dog ownership does not normally come with instructions. Sure, you are told to take them to puppy school and maybe take in a small course in Obedience, but what about food, health, their mental state. Over the year we are going to be running a wide variety of workshops covering all these topics plus some fun ones as well. Watch our Training page for more details.

Four Small Wheels

We not only offer a pick up and drop off service for our day care dogs, but will also deliver them to the Vet or Groomer as required. This must be pre booked.

Why spend your weekends racing around the place, taking your dog for vaccinations and getting them groomed when this can be taken care of for you.

Even if you are not a regular day care attendee, you can book for the half day and book your groomer in, we will make sure your dog gets there and back safety. At the end of the day, you pick up a groomed (or vaccinated) happy tired dog.

Our rates for the pick up drop off service are above. We only do the Upper Hutt area.

Each dog is fully harnessed and safetly attached to the seatbelts. You must supply your own harness

Please note: We cannot take human passengers in our van.