Grooming Services

As dog groomers, we focus on maintaining your dog’s appearance and well-being. We believe regular grooming is essential to a healthy pet.

We will give your furry loved one personalised hands-on care with the benefit of being able to have fun at Day Care prior to and after their groom (special conditions apply).

We have a base price of $75.00 that includes the following services.  Please also see our addons to the Regular Groom:

Regular Groom

  • Wash and Blow dry
  • Nail Cut
  • Full Groom

Teeth Scaling

  • Pet Breed Styling

Anal Glands

  • Anal Glands

Ear cleaning and dDe fluff

  • Ear Cleaning and Defluff

We also offer the following services as stand alone dog grooming services:

Hygiene Groom

  • Hygiene Groom

Nail Clipping

  • Nail Clipping

Teeth Scaling

  • Teeth Scaling

Ear Cleaning and De fluff

  • Ear Cleaning and De fluff

Puppy Package

  • Puppy Package – Getting Your Puppy Used To Grooming

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